When it debuted at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, the Nissan Ariya concept inaugurated the Nissan Next transformation plan. It also turned a number of heads - ours included. Most of us think of the successful Nissan Leaf when we think of Nissan EVs; the Nissan Ariya, rather than evolving its predecessor, leapfrogs it with a number of advances in design, utility, and technology. Here's what we're excited about at Gillman Nissan.


Nissan Ariya Details

The Nissan Ariya crossover is truly "all-new." This isn't a redesign or rebadging of another new Nissan model . Its platform is shared with nothing else. Its technology is, in many cases, as unique as the vehicle that houses it.

To begin with, there's the bespoke e-4ORCE platform that's likely to underpin future Nissan EVs as well.

It's slightly smaller than that of the Nissan Rogue - a bit wider, but lower and slightly shorter - helping prioritize lighter weight and a lower drag coefficient. The lower center of gravity also gives it great handling characteristics, especially since the "4" stands for the vehicle's all-wheel drive, provided by two electric motors (one on each axle).

With a promised range of 300 miles and a zero-to-sixty mile per hour time that rivals the Nissan 370Z , it balances practicality and goosebumps like little else on the road.

Nissan Ariya Safety and Special Features

Each EV approaches its front-end design a little differently. The Nissan Ariya is no exception.

With no need for a conventional grille, it deploys a polycarbonate "tech shield" instead, which tucks a plethora of advanced sensors behind an illuminated Nissan badge. Those sensors keep the ProPilot 2.0 system (with active safety systems, Level 3 autonomy, and hands-free driving capability) humming right along.

Likewise, it's impossible to separate design from technology inside. The tastefully minimalist interior, with its profusion of digital displays showing everything from telematics to tachometer, navigation to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, are perfectly framed by copper trim and LED accent lighting.

Buying a Nissan Ariya

The all-new Nissan Ariya its asserting its place in the impressive line-up at our Nissan dealership near Katy . Rightfully so - this innovative crossover is a fresh new step toward an electrified future. To find out more, stop by Gillman Nissan today! 

Safety/Special Features:

   Torque-split system

   ProPilot 2.0 safety and driver assist features

   Smartphone mirroring

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