Pointers for Applying Touch-Up Paint

Scratches detract from the looks of a vehicle. Thankfully, touch-up paint kits assist with restoring the original lock. Even a novice could do a decent job on minor scratches. Follow directions, and your handiwork may surprise you.

You can’t go right in and paint the scratch, though. There might be jagged shavings of paint and other debris on the surface. Also, it makes little sense to paint over a surface that isn’t smooth. The first step involves cleaning the scratched area with soap and water. Right after, sand the dry surface with 220 grit paper. Don’t be too harsh, or else you could make things worse. Clean the surface after sanding, as well.

Besides choosing the right paint based on the VIN number, use a careful hand when applying it. You don’t want streaks or swirls. Keep steady, so the result looks good.

When the job is too big for you, it is better to call on pros in Rosenberg. At Gillman Nissan Fort Bend, our service department has experts at your disposal.


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