Keep Your Brakes Working Correctly With a Brake Fluid Change

How often do you consider the effectiveness of your brake fluid? Here at Gillman Nissan Fort Bend, we often hear about the need for an oil change or a tire rotation but we do not hear as much as a brake fluid flush.

The brake fluid your car needs to operate the brake system is important and should be monitored by a professional mechanic to keep you safe on the road as you drive through Rosenberg. You may wonder why you need brake fluid changes, but the hydraulic brake system on your car needs to be changed regularly to keep you safe because the moisture from the air can cause problems.

Brake fluid is designed to have a high boiling point to avoid bubbles forming in your car but over time water bubbles can occur that form a gas when boiling. By changing your brake fluid every one to two years you will remove these bubbles and enjoy a safer drive.


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