Summer Tire Tips from Gillman Nissan

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The summer is the perfect time for road trips, but you want to make sure that your car is in top shape before you go. Whether you're driving a crossover like the 2019 Nissan Murano or one of our new sedans, it's especially important to check in on your tires. Here at Gillman Nissan of Fort Bend, we'll help you see whether or not these crucial car components are ready for a journey.

When it comes to preparing your tires for summer driving, there are two important things to look at. The first is your tire tread. The minimum acceptable depth is 3/32-inch. If you put a penny in your tire upside down, the tread should cover just up to Lincoln's head. If your tread doesn't extend that deep or you plan to do a lot of driving this summer, it might be time to purchase some new car tires.

The second factor, your tire pressure, can also affect the tread of your tires. You want to make sure that your tires don't get overinflated in the summer. As temperatures rise, the pressure in your tires rises as well. Expect growth of one psi for every ten degrees the outside temperature rises. Overinflated tires can get damaged easily from heat and friction with the road. High pressure also causes your tires to wear down quicker and unevenly, meaning that tread won't be consistent on every area of the tire. Before you drive, make sure that your tire pressure matches the manufacturer's suggestions and you can avoid costly problems like blowouts or the need to replace tires before the end of their natural lifespan.

So visit our Nissan service center and dealership serving Houston this summer and ensure that your vehicle is in top shape. We want to make sure that you get to all of your summer destinations safe and sound!

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