Modern Pickup Trucks are Both Solidly Built and Fuel Efficient

Pickup trucks enjoy great popularity around the world, and for good reasons. Not only are these iconic vehicles built to take a licking, but modern pickup trucks are also surprisingly fuel efficient. At our Gillman Nissan Fort Bend location, we make it a point to help our customers make informed decisions when the time comes to purchase their next fuel-efficient trucks.

While many modern pickup trucks provide drivers with over 20 miles per gallon of performance, these vehicles can do so while loaded to the gills with gear. When running empty, some of the lighter pickup vehicles are beginning to approach, and even exceed, 30 miles per gallon.

Even though many pickup trucks are pushing the envelope in terms of fuel efficiency, these vehicles are also solidly-built. Mid-size and full-size pickup trucks often weigh far more than smaller vehicles, and this extra size makes them more accident resistant than small cars or trucks. This weight also makes these vehicles better for hauling and easier to handle in bad weather conditions, features that are attractive to many Rosenberg area drivers.



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