Off-Road Capabilities of the Nissan Armada

Nissan's popular full-size SUV is as capable on the road as it is on a trail. The Armada is fitted with many systems to help you find traction no matter the terrain. Our team in Rosenberg loves how capable the Armada is in every situation.

The Armada is fitted with an advanced four-wheel-drive system with several different drive modes. You can put it in Auto and it will change between 2WD and 4WD depending on the conditions of the road. You can also put it in the 4H mode which is used for getting greater traction in rocky snowy or muddy conditions. Finally, we have 4L which sends the maximum amount of torque to each axle to help increase traction on rocky or steep terrain. These capabilities are heightened by Nissan's Intelligent Mobility system that gives you even more control in inclement conditions.

To take the Armada for a spin or to learn more about its performance features, visit Gillman Nissan Fort Bend. Our team of experts can show you how capable the Armada really is.



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